Reply: Our Troop’s Letter


I can hear you…  I’m still here…  I got your letter and I couldn’t put it down.  I’ve read it a dozen times to make sure I didn’t miss anything.  Though I’m not known as a crier, I caught myself wiping away the tears…

I see you on the news and it’s sometimes hard to watch.  I know that there’s more to the stories, but they drown them out.  I don’t believe we have lost and as long as you are there, I never will.  I sometimes wish I could be there fighting along side of you, but I’m just unable to… 

I know it’s a difficult enemy to get a handle on, but I also know that your the best and you can do it.

I’m sorry this war has become so political, but we’re trying to fend them off for you.  I’m sorry that some of our politicians want to cut your funding to tie your hands, but we are moving against them.

You would be proud of us, we stopped politicians from allowing further invasion into our country.  We still have alot of work to do, but we’re on the march.

We’re trying very hard to get your message out and we’ve asked many for help.  We won’t quit on you and we’re confronting those who want to surrender.

I know it must be frustrating to hear Americans say the surge isn’t working, when it just started.  I know it must be frustrating to hear Americans who do not understand the mission and have easily become complacent.  I know it’s frustrating to hear Americans are impatient, while your carrying the load for us.  I know it seems alot of Americans are ungrateful and selfish, but it’s only a few.

I will always remain patient until the last boot is off the ground.  I promise I’ll never forget 9/11, because that day has been burned into my memory.    

It’s been difficult to see flag draped caskets coming back home to us, but I understand and I am thankful for the sacrifice.  I will always stand at attention when I hear taps played for a brother in arms.  I will always treat Old Glory with the utmost respect and within standards. 

I know that you are hurting and missing your families.  I know that your families must have many sleepless nights thinking about you.  I could only imagine how hard it is to be away from your children and not knowing when you might see them again.  I can only wonder how much your heart aches when you kiss their pictures at night.            

Though there may be a few Americans who will never understand, I want you to know that the majority of Americans do.  The majority of Americans will always be behind you and your efforts.  We will never hate you, but only love you, we will never turn our backs on you, but welcome you home with open arms.  So I say, you will never know how much I appreciate what you are doing.  You will never know how thankful I am that you’re protecting my family, while you are away from yours.  Thank you so much heroes…

Now dig in, grit your teeth and go get’em!

You can read the letter I received from our troops in the right column “Our Troop’s Letter”…

Leave a comment below and let’s show them our support!

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