Democrat Operatives Second Guessing The Obama Pick

Senior Democrat operatives are becoming increasingly frustrated with the Obama campaign and the path they’ve chosen to take.  As one Democrat operative put it “this is a deep-seated unease in the sense that the message has gotten away from them.  They were set up to run ‘experience versus change,’ what they had run [against Hillary] Clinton, and I think Palin clearly moved that to be change or reform, versus change. They are adjusting to that and it has thrown them off balance.”

Several top fundraisers for Barack Obama are now feeling that they may be burning wholes in their wallets.  “Here we go again, looks like another John Kerry in the making,” said one supporter.

Well they said it, I think that Obama has no idea how to handle Gov. Palin.  If they go after her and her family, McCain picks up more votes.  If Obama directly defends himself against Palin, then he’s not seen as Presidential.  I mean a Presidential nominee going after a VP nominee, it doesn’t look good.  This is a tight rope for the freshman Senator to walk, and right now he’s falling off.  It seems that Obama’s judgment and inexperience is starting to show…

~ by bohography on September 10, 2008.

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