An American Hero Steps Down…

I wanted to take a time out to say THANK YOU to General David Petraeus.  A true American War Time Hero, who will be remembered as the man who turned around the war in Iraq and has led America to the path of victory.  The hero who wrote the counterinsurgency strategy manual and applied it in Iraq to the tee.

What a remarkable man and soldier, a true soldier’s-soldier, one who completely took the troops under his wings and marched forward with high morale and determination for victory.  THANK YOU General!  Thank you for never giving in to the Harry Reids and Nancy Pelosis who told you and the American people that we had failed.  Thank you for gutting it out when democrats tried to cut off your supplies for survival, thank you for putting our troops first in everything you do.  We as Americans owe you a debt of gratitude and some of us owe at minimal an apology for ever doubting you and our troops.

You have served your country with distinction and honor, and our country is safer and better because of your leadership during these enormously difficult times, but because of you, we are that much safer.

Now you will go to Central Command where we know that your great leadership will continue to deliver success for our troops and our country as a whole.  I know it has been hard for you, your troops under your command, and of course your family, but rest assure that we will remember you and the proven leader that you are.  Congratualations on your new assignment, it is well deserved, and again, THANK YOU General David Petraeus for what you did for our country…

~ by bohography on September 14, 2008.

One Response to “An American Hero Steps Down…”

  1. Good call! Not mentioning the great work he did to the Iraqi people. It is a long and difficult road but eventually Iraq will catch up with their destiny and Gen. Petraeus will be a main part on it.

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