Hillary To Save The Day?

Alright here’s a prediction for you to ponder…  Since Obama’s grand speech at the DNC a few weeks ago and his short lived bounce in the polls, Obama has found himself in the unfamiliar territory of losing.  He has come unraveled, and his press secretaries in the media are doing the best they can to get his momentum back.  But it seems to be backfiring on the Obama campaign.  They’ve tried lying to the American people, they have tried ‘changing’ their positions on key issues to satisfy the middle, and now they are going with the predictable, same old politics of smear tactics, which has resulted in more votes for McCain.

Time is running out, the pressure is mounting and they’re losing ground– supporters are reliving the John Kerry flop, and they’re getting a little nervous about the Junior Senator as their chosen one.

In comes Hillary to save the day…  Even Joe Biden said Hillary would be a better pick for Veep than he.  So with that, a little seed was planted, a door was reopened.  I believe that if McCain/Palin continue to surge and pull away in the polls, come October Biden will step-down, due to personal reasons or he will purposely make a gaffe for an exit strategy and then, in walks Hillary.

Why do I think this?  Because I think that Barack Obama will say and do anything to get elected!  I believe he would sacrifice Biden and pull Clinton back in just to sit his power hungry butt in the Oval Office.  I also believe that he is now regretting not putting Hillary on the ticket and now it has come back to haunt him.

The Obama campaign has no answer for Palin, no matter what the media does to undermine her nomination, the American people can see right through it and it shows.  Now if Hillary is brought in to save the day, it would ignite a huge momentum boost for the campaign and this would be a nail biter to the end.

But there’s a twist…  Hillary might pass on the offer, since she was slapped down the first time around.  Or she might pass on the offer because she is looking towards 2012 when it would be Clinton vs Palin.  Hmmm?

Look for Biden to come up with some way to bow out in October, look for Obama to win an Oscar on his performance for fighting with the decision to let Joe go, this will be great to watch!

Either way, I guess Obama learned his lesson and won’t be getting advice from his wife anymore…

~ by bohography on September 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Hillary To Save The Day?”

  1. I don’t think that Obama is behind in the polls. As of October 7, he is leading by a fair amount. It’s the economy they say.

  2. Ha Ha Ha… Obama Rocks and Palin sunk McCain, what do you think of youe early analysis now……. But I have to give McCain credit he was much more of a gentleman to Obama than you have been. That said if it weren’t for GWB McCain would have done far better even without the heavy baggage brought to him by Palin.

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